Sohcahtoa Variations

We all know Sohcahtoa. It’s that one handy mnemonic universally used to remember that the sine is the opposite over the hypotenuse, the cosine is the adjacent over the hypotenuse, and the tangent is the opposite over the adjacent.

I was looking around for Sohcahtoa variations to see if there was anything better to use to teach kids rather than some arbitrary mnemonic that sounds slightly Native American.

After extensive research, I have found the absolute best mnemonic. It’s a bit inappropriate, but that’s exactly the reason why high schoolers will remember it.

Are you ready?

Some old hippie caught another hippie tripping oacid.

Hahah! Isn’t that just perfect?

How did you remember the basic trig ratios in high school?


2 thoughts on “Sohcahtoa Variations

  1. I remembered trigonometry ratios by their alphabetic order (in Finnish, so it doesn’t work in English). Opposite is vastakkainen and adjacent is vierekkäinen. So sine is vastakkainen over hypotenusa, cosine is vierekkäinen over hypotenusa and tangent is vastakkainen over vierekkäinen.


    1. rakeanscribble

      That’s interesting! It’s pretty clever! It’s always fun to see the little tricks people use to remember things around the world.


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