About the Author

Rakean Radya Al Barra, also known as ‘Raka’, ‘rakeanscribble’, ‘RRAB’, and ‘The Magnificent Mudkip Lord’ (psst, actually all except the latter) isn’t your average high schooler. Although he isn’t legitimately in high school yet for his country’s standards (he’s Indonesian, please bear with his Indonesianness), he absolutely insists that he be classified as one due to the fact that he is still used to the conditions in the USA. He als-

Forget that! Before he rants longer and extends this page further, we’ll give you a concise idea of who he is! The blog author is a self-described young visionary, 110+ wpm typist, intermediate cardistry magician, aspiring theoretical physicist, semi-otaku, amateur keyboardist, and a guy with so many unspoken strong thoughts.

This blog will probably tell a lot about those hobbies of his, and will give his youthful old-souled opinion on many subjects.

(Hint: Be wary of his ranting, his typist fingers get carried away easily, because they’re almost as fast as he thinks.)