About the Author

Why hello there! I’m Rakean Al Barra, an Indonesian net-surfing teen. Welcome to my blog! You get a free invisible hat for every visit (I sell them on the black market). Make yourself at home, and be sure to take off your shoes before entering.

Here’s an interesting diagram:

Pie Chart

Why you should read my blog:
a. It’s absurd.
b. It’s somewhat interesting.
c. It’s somewhat interestingly absurd.

You’ll be seeing me talking about various obscure topics, telling stories from my life, sharing knowledge that has varying importance, and criticizing many aspects of society!

Testimonials You Can Trust:

“I was told to make a testimonial. What? Oh yeah, this site is awesome! It has tons of cool stuff like…” – Random Passerby.

“Mr. Rakean Al Barra’s website is the perfect example of the obscurity and uniqueness a web-surfing millennial can have.” – Rakean Al Barra.

“Rakean Al Barra is a great man, and his website is even better. I bet if I was real, we would be best mates.” – Harry James Potter.

“I am Groot.” – Groot.

You think this is weird already? You should see my posts…