Yo guys! In this post and a couple of other posts in the future, I’m gonna be talking about one of the most important factors of my recent unproductive nature. And that is transportation.

If you wanna go somewhere with a decent distance, what do you do? You get in some sort of vehicle right? If you have some sort of event you need to attend several miles away, you don’t walk. You ride.

In the 21st century, mobility is important. Different places scattered about the world are rising in potential, and that’s why people are constantly on the move for whatever purpose it may be, from work to vacation to social purposes.

But for kids like me, the main use of transportation is to go to and from school.

Back when I lived in Lexington, I would ride a standard yellow school bus to and from school. Early in the morning when our breath would almost certainly freeze, my brother and I would talk a short walk to the bus stop and huddle up like little penguins, waiting for our 45-minute ride to school. It took the same amount of time to get home. And boy did 45 minutes feel long.

And then BAM!

We moved to Indonesia. We were then forced into some of the world’s most terrible traffic. In the streets of Indonesian cities, rules don’t seem to apply. You’ll see motorcycles immediately fill in every open space like some sort of liquid, cars parked on the streets without anybody caring, zebra crosses covered by vehicles, street vendors everywhere. Oh, and jaywalking galore.

45 minutes wouldn’t get you very far.

Back in 7th grade, I was still a kid, so I hitched a ride with a classmate to and from home. However, his reliability fluctuated, so on one fateful day, I decided to go back home by myself with public transportation for the first time.

(The staple public transportation in my city is something called an angkot which I will explain thoroughly in a future post. For now, you can search it up.)

And so, the strange and unfamiliar city of Bandung became clear before my eyes. Sometimes I would try out new transport routes, hitch rides with other friends, explore aimlessly, and try finding the cheapest route. Heck, one time I even walked the full 7 kilometers home.

8th grade arrived and we moved to the house I wrote this post in. It was a whopping 15 kilometers away from my school. But the distance wasn’t the worrying part, it was the traffic. So how did I get to school on time? I went with my father and a campus worker in the early morning, contributing to the morning rush I would later nickname The Anarchy.

It’s crazy.

I had to put up with that shizzle every day. Actually, never mind, I still do…

As for going back home, by using a combination of public transportation and hitching rides from friends, it took an average of 2 hours to get home. Dang, 8th grade was tiring! But with that experience, I got to know the ins and outs of Bandung, and I also learned ‘Street Sundanese’ which helped me learn actual Sundanese. I also got used to all that dust, air pollution, and cigarette smoke from the streets, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

In 9th grade, I changed schools to a closer one so I wouldn’t be too tired while preparing for the national exam. I went to and from school using the Ujung Berung – Ciwastra angkotSo, as you can see, I’m pretty used to life on the street.

And now that I’m in SMAN 5, I still go to school via The Anarchy and I still go home using public transportation. School’s over at 3:00 PM and I should get home at around 4:15. That sounds pretty swell. Enough time for me to do the things I do, right? Nope.

Due to current weather conditions as well as the multiple extracurricular activities I’m taking, 5:00 – 6:00 is a more likely ETA. And after that I have homework… Ugh, sometimes I doubt my ambitious nature…

Anyway, huzzah! My time to post things has decreased quite significantly until I can legally drive. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to post from time to time. See ya guys next time.




Unproductive, August Edition

Ugh, it’s been so long since I’ve last posted.

No, it’s not because I ran out of ideas… I have a whole list of cool things to talk about on this blog, but unfortunately, I don’t really have the time and energy to do so.

Btw, this post is only here for the sake of posting. I have no time to reread and revise it, so bear with me.

For some reason, I get sleepy much sooner than normal nowadays, and sleeping at 9:00 PM is normal (*gasp*). Hopefully, the next few posts I plan on posting soon will explain some very important factors of my fatigue: school, transportation, and manga.

Peace out.

Different Language, Different Personality

In this post, I’m going to reach out to all those bilinguals and polyglots out there about a topic that is kind of unique.

Have you ever noticed a shift in personality when you change languages? Or have you ever noticed a friend or family member of yours act differently when they speak in different languages?

This topic was brought up by a former classmate (the guy who took me to the anime festival) who can speak both Indonesian and English fluently. During 7th and 8th grade, I noticed that when he spoke English with me or a few others, he came off as easygoing and mature. However, as soon as he switched to Indonesian, he became more outgoing and came off as less mature.

I then noticed that I was also affected by this strange phenomenon. In Indonesian, I’m dry, serious, and to the point. In English, I’m more easygoing and human-like. In Sundanese, I’m rash and kinda edgy.

I’m also different when blogging! My English when I’m blogging may tend to be a lot more outgoing than in real life, probably because my fingers are doing all the talking.

And it turns out, it’s not just us.

In a survey conducted by a few linguists between 2001 and 2003, over two-thirds of all multilinguals said that they felt a shift in personality when they changed languages.

Many more experiments were conducted involving different perspectives that people had depending on the language that they were using, and it turns out, most data concludes that people do indeed have a shift in personalities when they change their language.

Now isn’t that interesting? You can change the way you look at things just by changing your language, and this is mostly unconscious. It’s not like some guy would force himself to be extremely caring in German and the complete opposite in Russian. It’s an instinctive sort of shift that’s really hard to explain.

But why?

That leads us to the big question. Why does this happen? Why do people have different ways of thinking in different languages?

That remains unknown.

The strongest contender as of the current moment is that people go through different scenarios involving the language that they use.

For example, let’s say we have a guy named Bob who can speak English, Spanish, and Japanese fluently.

Example time:

Bob is natively from Mexico, where he has loads of family all around, and he knows them all very well. He has a job in America as a trend analyst for a footwear company and has had the job since he moved to America after finishing high school in Mexico. He knows Japanese because of his activeness in various events and weeaboo clubs.

Bob has never asked for a raise in Spanish. Nothing job-related involves him using Spanish.

Bob has never said “I love you.” in English. Nothing social life-related involves him using English.

Bob has never talked about his job or family in Japanese. Nothing life-related involves him using Japanese.

So, we can conclude that in Bob is more natural and fun in Spanish. He is more down to Earth and businesslike in English. Him in Japanese is a completely different story.

These alter-ego Bobs are just him shifting a teeny little bit to match the setting. Again, this is an example of a theory, so it probably won’t be that close to real life. That’s pretty much the gist of that theory.

What do you guys think?

Physicist? Surely You’re Joking!

Anybody get the reference? The… title… reference? Surely you’re joking? No? Meh, alright… I’ll keep this on topic, and I’ll try to stray away from why I haven’t been posting for such a long time (psst, it’s exams!), not that very many people read this anyway…

So! That’s that and this is this! In this post, I am announcing the path I want to take in this life. And that path is a path of SCIENCE!


And heck yeah, science bitch indeed Jesse! Well, the truth is, aside from academics and learning things, I’m kind of useless (most of my hobbies involve big hands, and my hands are small [insert sad face]) and I have to work up my way from the ground instead of being able to float on a cloud of talent and genetics as many others have.

My cloud of talent slash genetics however, is floating me over the ground in the talent of curiosity. Wait, what’s that? It’s not a talent? Oh. Never mind then.

The thing is, my passion in learning things tends to be a bit more than your average John Doe (no offense to people named John Doe, like that psychotic guy in Se7en) and I have found that I really like physics.

“What?! Physics? Surely you’re joking, you fit better in math! Or computer science! Or chemistry because you keep talking about Breaking Bad! Anyway, your math grades are better than science!”

Well, strange all-knowing third person-esque narrator who is commenting in my post (but not really because this is all just a hypothetical conversation I’m having with my fingers), I must say that yes, my math scores are better than science. But I like physics better than math, and I must say I am better in physics than math. And why is my math better you ask? Well, oddly enough, Indonesian curriculum has not split physics and biology and chemistry at this point in my colorful spectrum of education, and… I’m mediocre at best in biology.

Why oh why is the eternal good boy student mediocre in biology you ask? I, for one, blame the curriculum and questions and curriculum and questions and also how it all revolves around things and names and not systems and processes.

The great physicist and teacher of all teachers, Richard Feynman, once said, “You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

Aaand, that just about explains it. I am quite fond of understanding things, but I despise science by rote. That just takes away all the fun in it, doesn’t it? Where’s all the curiosity and discovery? Curiosity killed the cat you say? Well, in a way, Indonesian curriculum killed curiosity!

Aaand, I am off track (although the number of a’s in my long version of ‘and’ is consistent, hurrah!) and getting all Douglas Adams with my randomness, so I’ll just say what I wanted to say this whole time.

Physics is awesome, and I will be chasing it and chasing it until I can call myself a physicist, just like many of my many role models. Cheers, man!

(And no, I have never watched a full episode of The Big Bang Theory.)

(And no, I’m not trying to be a physicist just because just about everybody who people consider extremely smart is a physicist (ahem, ahem, Newton, Einstein, Hawking, ahem) although it may be a contributing factor.)

(And no, that was not the last and no.)


Hello people of the internet. It’s been what, a week maybe, since I’ve last posted. I can’t find the post history anywhere to make sure, but that doesn’t matter.

So, as you can see, I’ve put this post under most categories, because being unproductive has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING. For starters, I was sick. Then after that, it became an excuse.

“Why aren’t you pressing words together?” I asked myself not too long ago.

My inner me replied with, “You’re sick and irrelevant anyway.” And I was cool with it.

But not to worry folks, I’m going back in production. With my last day of finals tomorrow, my spare time will be going up and up. There is an undeniable correlation between spare time and the end of finals.

Actually, never mind, I have MORE finals on the 19th – 21th. I just fail to understand curriculum sometimes.

I also haven’t worked on the logo and the banner and whatnot, haven’t even tried, to be honest. I’m blank on the ideas there, so you guys could comment some logo ideas (or even make me one if you’re annoyed with Tesla and Thunderbird sitting up there).

Well, I blame my Pokemon Nuzlocke and Breaking Bad, because they’re a lot more fun than being productive.

And yes I am, Mr. Heisenberg, yes I am.


Studying: Keep it Instrumental

Are you a regretful procrastinator like I am? Do you ever want to study, but can’t find the willpower? Well, I have a fitting solution; music. Wait, you already use music to study? Hmm… I bet it’s a vocal-filled hip-hop/pop/dance/EDM or the like, or maybe rock/country if you’re a bit less modern (or jazz!)

Anyway, studies show that there is a large impact made by listening to music. It moves your brain into removing that stressed, lazy feel or something. But studies also prove that people perform better with sedative music, not their stimulating preferred music. So you can say good-bye to accidentally karaokeing in the middle of your trigonometry, because that’s simply ineffective.

I myself would recommend game OST’s, especially the vibes that Assassin’s Creed gives off (the pirate aura from Black Flag is bliss) in it’s soundtrack. I also highly recommend anything off of this YouTube playlist because LOTR is friggin’ awesome. Smooth jazz is reminiscent of elevator music, and is pretty okay too. They’re not exactly sedatives, but at least they’re instrumental.

If you’re actually a more desperate species of procrastinator, by all means search up and bookmark all of that sedative music to boost your performance up a notch.


About the Favicon and Banner

Well, whattayaknow? It’s already the end of November, and the year of 2017 is slowly arriving. Americans are in post-Thanksgiving-and-Black-Friday(-and-Cyber-Monday) fever, which is practically just completing everything in anticipation for the holidays.

In fact, even in this rainy equatorial part of the world I happen to be wasting space in, the holiday fever is slowly arriving. Why? Because, surprise, surprise, the finals are here! That means the end of the semester (more importantly, the break) is coming. I should actually be memorizing and doing things, but my procrastinating has halted that, again.

Anyway, you may have noticed the favicon and banner of this blog. Epic aren’t they? Unfortunately, they’re both temporary until:

  1. I happen to legitimately get out of my tight schedule.
  2. The break arrives.
  3. I happen to design a logo which I will display as my favicon and on my banner.

But for now, you’ll have to hang on to these temporary stuff. For a closer look at my favicon, I have taken the liberty of putting it right here.


And there you have it. It’s the Nikola Tesla photoshopped by yours truly into some sort of word art. My current photoshop skill level is categorized as ‘find-tutorials-on-YouTube-whenever-I-feel-like-photoshopping’ so it’s not the best.

The banner is just wallpaper I downloaded off of the Pottermore site after I took a housing test and got ‘Thundabaahhhd!!!’, which represents the soul, as my Ilvermorny house on my second account. On my first account, I had a different set of questions and got Horned Snake, which represents the mind. Both are pretty accurate, but I just stuck old Thunderbird on as homage to this guy, a favorite of mine since childhood.

Once again, these are temporary and are prone to change until I design myself something. So, I guess that’s that (I’ve hit 300 words again), see you guys later.


And yes, I’m probably gonna make posts about Tesla, Harry Potter, and Pokemon to make things a little more clearer.

EDIT: I’ve found a nice pattern for the banner, but Tesla’s probably staying for a while!