Nate the Snake: Greatest Short Story

I was going to make a post about my adventures in the first few months of high school and why that prevents me from being able to blog and so on, but then I found this gem:

Well, I didn’t really find it, my father gave me the link. And I’m pretty sure it’s one of the greatest pieces of online literature I have ever read.

Check it out, now, no kidding. It’s that good.

Gotta love how that all climaxes.


The Circle Constant War

So I was romping around the internet as usual, and I found this:

I won’t talk much about the article itself so you guys can check it out, but dang, I’ll just say that it was somewhat enlightening.

We all know that pi is a constant you magically get by dividing an arbitrary circle’s circumference by its diameter, but isn’t it odd that we don’t really use the diameter that much? Instead, it’s radius this and radius that. The unit of turning is even called the radian.

Then why don’t we use 2π as the constant, because the radius is so much more important? Thus, 2π was given a name, Tau.

τ = 6.283185307179586… = Circumference/Radius

To all you #TeamPi guys out there, don’t worry, I’m not trying to spread Tau propaganda or whatever you call it (not really). I still respect Pi Day and the effort behind pi, but I think that intuitively, Tau is a lot more correct. I still have more digits of pi memorized than tau, and I consider myself slightly neutral in the war between constants. (Slightly leaning towards tau though)

I never knew it would come to the point where math would have strange politics that lead to so many debates and arguments, but there we have it. We now have a civil war of tau versus pi, in which pi is still in the lead. But you never know, maybe one day, people will accept tau as the one true circle constant.

What team are you on?

Sohcahtoa Variations

We all know Sohcahtoa. It’s that one handy mnemonic universally used to remember that the sine is the opposite over the hypotenuse, the cosine is the adjacent over the hypotenuse, and the tangent is the opposite over the adjacent.

I was looking around for Sohcahtoa variations to see if there was anything better to use to teach kids rather than some arbitrary mnemonic that sounds slightly Native American.

After extensive research, I have found the absolute best mnemonic. It’s a bit inappropriate, but that’s exactly the reason why high schoolers will remember it.

Are you ready?

Some old hippie caught another hippie tripping oacid.

Hahah! Isn’t that just perfect?

How did you remember the basic trig ratios in high school?

Mindf*ck Movies

Have you ever watched a movie that was so confusing you had to read its Wikipedia article 3 times? Have you ever searched up [INSERT MOVIE TITLE] Explained on YouTube?

I sure have. Some movies are really confusing. But they make you think, and I love that. Now I have a checklist!

Once upon a time, I was browsing on 9gag, and I found a collection of recommended movies that will blow your mind and make you extremely confused.

Apparently, the people of internet categorize this sort of movie as a ‘Mindfuck Movie’, and they’re really popular to everybody intellectual.

To the person who wants to watch mindf**k movies

Out of these 21 movies, I have only watched 6. I guess I better go pump up those rookie numbers. You should too.


Quora is by far one of my favorite sites on the internet. It’s on my Opera Speed Dial right up with YouTube and Wikipedia.

Opera Speed.PNG

(That reminds me, I haven’t bought anything on Amazon with my own money before, why is it up there?)

Anywho, Quora is pretty much Yahoo Answers on intelligence enhancing drugs. It’s Yahoo Answers on a LOT of intelligence enhancing drugs. Oh wait, Yahoo Answers is pretty much dead, you can’t really make it better by drugging it…

Quora is a Q&A site where the asker isn’t emphasized. The answers are. And the quality of these questions and answers are sooooo much better than the cancerous things Y!A gives you.

On Quora, you can ask questions, put them in a topic, and any Quora user can answer them. You can upvote other people’s answers, comment on them, and follow other users with real life credentials (unlike those dubious stuff on Y!A…)

You can have a question session where people ask you stuff and you can even forward your own question to somebody. Maybe even a popular Quoran like Richard Muller, Jake Williams, Ali AlShamsi, or Jimmy Wales will answer your questions if you directly ask them to.

Yep, that’s right. Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia founder. He’s active on Quora, too.

There are also a lot of Quorans who are famous due to some notoriety. Ivan Tregear is the master of loopholes in shitty hypothetical scenarios. Teacher Dave Consiglio and his cult of Devastators are hypothetical world destroyers. And so much more.

It’s an active community, that’s what it is. All of these users are active, friendly, and open. (Most of the people there are liberals, but some conservatives manage to survive)

My absolute favorite part about Quora are the answers. There are tons of people with the same badassery as this guy on Yahoo Answers:


That Controlled Enthusiasm guy is awesome.

On Quora there’s a lot of that (and the questions are usually a lot better, usually). There are also creative answers like this:


And loads of other fun stuff, inspirational stories, weirdos, and actual good answers to tons of questions. If you can’t find your question, (the search system kinda sucks…) then ask away! Somebody’ll answer it eventually.

It’s like a huge intellectual community that makes procrastinating useful (that’s why I sometimes don’t blog, I’m busy browsing through Quora and using it to procrastinate). And since you’re on this blog, you’re probably somebody like me, so I know you’ll enjoy it, too.

To visit, click on my Opera Speed picture or just go to

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